Terms and Conditions

About the App

Archaid App is for users to find all services related to Construction & Architecture to be uploaded and allows users to add all the works done to be uploaded in their profile. This App also allows you to interact directly with the clients or users. The files uploaded can be downloaded or bought within the app.

Archaid User App has all the famous architects, works and drawings of files related to architecture. These works can be bought within the app by the users, students, employees, and business. This would help them in time reduction by designing a drawing of the whole file. Users are allowed to add any file or information within the app, which is cross checked and reuploaded by admin with a certain price. For every download of the file users get the amount in the app wallet.

This App has an architecture blog, vastu tips for construction which will help users in understanding their requirements and needs. Admin panel for this app has full control on business profiles permission and uploading files regularly within the app.

User Login

They can go through all the Architects, builders, interiors, construction and Structural Profiles. And call or chat and go through their images, videos, reviews and services. Users can make any Visit by Scheduling and filling form within the app. Can view all the data such as images, video, uploaded by the Business Profile. We can go through all the Name, Email and Password.

Business Login

We can go through all the Name, Email Id, Phone Number, Password, location, Business Name, Type of Business  and About Business. Can view all the data such as images, video, uploaded by the Business Profile. Can view User Profiles, Requests, Add or delete Projects, Calendar, and Chat with the Users. Access through Reviews and payment details if mentioned.

The Archaid offers useful architecture-related information to the contemporary prospective couple. Our services encompass the Archaid App, which can be found at or app any of its subdomains (referred to as the “Archaid App”). Additionally, Archaid offers various applications, features, and content that are periodically made available in connection with the Archaid app, whether they are accessed directly or through our mobile application (collectively, the “Archaid Services”). Archaid is just a platform that links potential architecture customers with service providers that the customers are prepared to work with to complete their tasks. Archaid is a site that aggregates architectures.

In addition to any other agreement or conditions agreed upon between the Parties for the Archaid Services, you must abide by the legally binding provisions set out in these conditions of Use (this “Agreement”). You agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Archaid Privacy Policy, which can be found at, by using the Archaid Services, whether as a “Visitor” (meaning you merely browse the Archaid app) or as a “User” (meaning you have registered with and/or submitted content to the Archaid appas an individual or as a company). Please read this agreement carefully as it outlines your rights, responsibilities, and limitations when using the Archaid Services.  Regarding this Agreement, User (and “You”) may relate to Business as well as Customers. The word “Vendor” refers to the person or entities listed on the Archaid platform that offer services to clients on an independent basis, while the term “Customer” refers to persons or Parties using the Archaid platform to undertake Archaid Services.

You should exit the Archaid app and stop using the Archaid Services right away if you disagree with the terms of this agreement. You have to read this Agreement and declare your approval throughout the content submission procedure if you want to use the Archaid Services in order to become a User, submit material, videos, or photographs, interact with other Users, and generally utilize the services. You agree to all of our terms and conditions as well as the clauses listed below by using the Archaid services or by taking any of the aforementioned actions.

This Agreement may be updated from time to time by Archaid, and any changes will take effect immediately upon posting on the Archaid app. Your continuing use of the Archaid Services signifies your agreement to be bound by any modifications to this Agreement. This Agreement may be modified at any time, and you agree to check it often to be informed of any updates. You will not be alerted of any alterations.

Archaid Takes No Liability Whatsoever For Any Photos Or Other Content You Post, And It Is Your Responsibility To Ensure You Have Adequate Rights To Publish To The Archaid Services.

User-Submitted Content

You are solely responsible for any content you upload, send, or display while using the Service.

It is possible to contribute, upload, show, provide, and view text, photographs, comments, questions, and other kinds of content or information that will only be visible or accessible within the app.

Regarding the User Content you have created, we don’t claim any ownership. The User Content you create is still your own. or app is granted permission to use User Content that is uploaded, shared, showcased, supplied, or otherwise made accessible on or via the Service.

You must legally own the User Content that you post to the Service. Uploading or posting any User Content on the Service that infringes upon the copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property of third parties, or that violates their rights of publicity or privacy, is prohibited. Posting is only permitted for User Content that you have been legally authorized to publish by the owner.

Unauthorized Behavior

To be clear, we only allow you to use the Services for the Purposes that are approved by us. Any use of the Services other than the prohibited Permitted Purposes is considered Unauthorized Use of the Services. This is because we still retain ownership of all rights to the Services, as between you and us.

Unauthorized use of the Services may result in infringement of international and Indian copyright laws. Unless we have given you express permission to do differently, you are not allowed to use the Services in any of the following ways (this is not an exhaustive list; these are just examples):

  • in a manner that compromises our services in any way by duplicating, distributing, performing in public, exhibiting publicly, altering, or reproducing any of the Materials or Services;
  • in a manner that defies any local, state, federal, international, or other laws, rules, orders, treaties, regulations, or
  • to harm, pester, or follow another person;
  • To impersonate someone or misrepresent your affiliation with someone or anything else; To interfere with or disrupt the Services, servers, or networks connected to any of the Services; To use data mining, robots, or other comparable data gathering or extraction techniques in connection with the Services; or
  • try to gain unauthorized access to any portion of the Services, Materials, or any other accounts, computer systems, or networks connected to this app via hacking, password mining, or any other technique.

You alone bear the responsibility if you break any of these terms. We retain the right to assume exclusive defense and control of the matter if you refuse to indemnify us; in such case, you agree to cooperate with us in fighting the claim.

Paid Services

The app does not provide any paid digital content, services or subscriptions included. No external Ads and promotional services available within the app. 

Exclusive Rights

You acknowledge and agree that any necessary software utilized in conjunction with the Service (“Software”), as well as any proprietary and sensitive information included therein, is protected by applicable intellectual property laws and other legal frameworks. Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that any information made available to you through the Service is protected by laws, copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other property rights. You agree that unless expressly authorized by or app, you will not copy, modify, rent, lease, lend, sell, distribute, or create derivative works based on the Service or the Software, in whole or in part. Harvesting, indexing, mining, scraping, harvesting, or extracting any content from the Service automatically or in any other manner is strictly prohibited.

Legal action against the Service is precluded by copyright and other laws in India and other nations. Under the terms of this Agreement, distribution or reproduction of the Service’s content in whole or in part, in any media (including print and electronic) is strictly forbidden. or the app reserves the right to cancel your account if it is determined that you have violated this agreement clause.


All submissions—questions, remarks, suggestions, documents, etc.—that you make to us by any form of communication (phone call, email, etc.) will be considered non-proprietary and non-confidential. In order to use the Feedback for any purpose, including but not limited to creating, producing, having produced, licensing, marketing, and selling goods and services using such Feedback, directly or indirectly, without giving credit or payment to you, you hereby transfer to us all right, title, and interest in and to any ideas, know-how, concepts, techniques, or other intellectual property and proprietary rights included in the Feedback, whether or not patentable. You understand and agree that we have no obligation to use, exhibit, copy, or distribute any ideas, know-how, concepts, or techniques contained in the Feedback, and that you lack the legal right to demand that we take any of these acts.