About Us

Archaid App is for users to find all services related to Construction & Architecture to be uploaded and allows to add all the works done to be uploaded in their profile. This App also allows to interact directly with the clients or users. The files uploaded can be downloaded or bought within the app.

Archaid User App has all the famous architects, works and drawings of files related to architecture. These works can be bought within the app by the users, students, employees, business. This would help them in time reduction by designing a drawing the whole file. Users are allowed to add any file or information within the app, which is cross checked and reuploaded by admin with a certain price. For every download of the file users get the amount in the app wallet.

This App has architecture blog, vastu tips for construction which will help users in understanding their requirements and needs. Admin panel for this app has full control on business profiles permission and uploading files regularly within the app.